Fat loss is a deceptive demon. You exercise an extra hour, take that magic pill that makes your heart race, and follow the latest dietary trend on Men’s health. For many, this cycle repeats on end for years and years in an effort to reach their ideal body. Here are some potential reasons why your… Read more »

Why is everyone so afraid of carbs? Carbs are good. Ive seen way too many people around these days trying to cut out carbs from their life completely!!… I don’t blame them either,  because of all the media attention and fear of carbohydrates there are a lot of misinformed people dieting and cutting out carbs…. Read more »

The moment some people hear Peanut butter, they think omg it’s a high fatty food! And for the ones who love peanut butter and have included in their diets – Helll yeahhhh buddyyyy!!..Two thumbs up!! Because fear not. Fat is an essential part of a healthy diet, fats should make up at least 15-20% of… Read more »

Cardiovascular training is important in every exercise regimen regardless of whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, strength, lose fat, or just get in shape, because it strengthens your most important muscle..your heart; and that allows your body to work at it’s peak. WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DO CARDIO? I hear this… Read more »

Well, let me get this straight. Your body needs energy, to spend energy, and to burn fat. The answer to the question “does working out on an empty stomach to burn fat” gets a little complex than just yes or no. Firstly, you need to look at what type of exercise you’re going to be… Read more »

Hi. My name is Nair. Firstly, I want to speak of why I’m writing a blog in the first place. I’m VERY passionate about health and fitness. Yes that includes working out and eating healthily. So I’ve decided to start blogging on Health and Fitness. I know this sounds weird but I get a kick out… Read more »