New years is just around the corner. You plan a trip to Goa. You wanna party hard, get wasted, eat everything at sight..whatever it might be…You just wanna let yourself go.

Next thing you know, its January 1st… the unofficial end to all of the holiday season rampage, huge feasts, and goa is off your mind now.

A brand new year, a brand new you!!!

You get full serious. This is the time to burn off all of those holiday cookies, liqueur chocolates, and tarts. You wanna once and for all and get into the best shape of your life. You devise a plan to clean up the diet, eat less processed food and cut back on the tasty alcohol laced desert drinks.

In addition to eating better you’ve also made the resolution to exercise 4 days per week at your local health club and go for nightly walks with your dog in the bitter cold.

These ideas are all wonderful, and I applaud anyone looking to better themselves and make positive changes.

But Why Wait?


There’s nothing changed between you on the December 31st to January 1st. You are the same person. But the calender gives u that motivation, that you finally have the strength now to get the monkey off the back and actually make something happen. Nothing’s changed guys..You’re the same capable person as you were on 31st of December as you are on the 1st. Its just the mental outlook.

Ive also found that most people who set new years resolutions or any sort of goals for that matter, struggle mightily with developing a game plan. A blueprint must be designed with the backbone being proper goal setting for lifestyle changes. No fad diets, but real change in how you eat, exercise, and live your life. Here is how to set up your goals.


Written down (Ideally somewhere that you see the goal daily.  Example – Office table, mirrors)

Specific and measurable (Amount of weight to lose OR How many inches)

Have a date. Make yourself accountable. (I will tell the world that I will enter a marathon in 6 weeks)

Realistic (I will lose 10kgs in 1 month isn’t realistic. I will lose 12% Bodyfat in 4 months is!)

Inspiring and personally significant (Something which ignites a fire or lights a spark inside of you)

So, by using the above criteria you can develop a concrete, well-formed outcome goal with a much higher probability of success. So there you have it, I really don’t  believe in New Years Resolutions and I feel its a form of procrastination  A date on a calendar should not keep you from initiating positive change in your life. Make changes now, but have a game plan to give yourself a fighting chance. It is better to make smaller, easier changes and build momentum over time. You’ve heard of this saying before that, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, Every great structure has a blueprint, your body is no different. Start now and get ahead of the curve!

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